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Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!, Naruto, Disney, Fireside Tales, Kids Next Door, Long Division, Comics
Character(s): Rhonda, Harold, Helga, Nadine, Phil (OC), Amy (OC), Lila, Sakura, Minnie Mouse, Ellie, Wally, Kuki, Hoagie, Nigel, Abby, 3 Unnamed Characters, Phoebe, Arnold, Catwoman, Batman


I like this, but something about Rhonda's face REALLY bugs me. :\


Trying scene! <333 Nadine!

She actually plays a kind of important role in the story too! Huzzah for giving Nadine purpose!


Bizarro!Helga and Arnold! JK JK.

Actually, these two were there when I started drawing. They're Helga and Arnold's twins. Amy's an aggressive brat and Phil's a big ol' sweetheart with a HUGE creative streak. Also, I only recently remembered why I decided to name Amy 'Amy'! Her name is my initials! A.M.Y. Oh 13 year old me you are so ~sneaky~.


I drew the sorta fug Lila. Suekay drew the Helga. Also, I'm not sure if she has a site to link to, so I guess I won't for the time being.


People are all up in arms about the latest Naruto chapter. I have little energy or care to debate whether Naruto is crap or not. Here's the thing: I fucking love Sakura. I like Sasuke/Sakura. THE END.

That's as deep as my Naruto thinking goes! :D


Ugh, graffiti refused to let me post this. I managed to screenshot it, but it really pissed me off. >:(




Ellie! This could use a fair amount of editing if I plan to go anywhere else with it, but whatevs.


From my KND spree. The gang as teens! Nigel does not change much at all! Everyone else gets HOT.


A possible villain or something from that Long Division thing I posted about a bit ago? IDK. I am kind of lazy and not sure I feel up to fleshing out backgrounds and stories for characters.

Her face is so totally based on the Undead in WoW.


Younger version of the Mint Girl from Long Division and a possible sidekick design.


Family portrait for the Wellington-Lloyds (Harold TOTALLY takes Rhonda's name. DOI.)

The little girl needs a name still. I am sort of roughing out ideas for future children and junk for the HA! gang and who's oldest and whatnot. Anyway, Rhonda and Harold are the first of the gang to settle down and start having kids. This girl is the first baby among the PS 118 gang and is SPOILED as fuck.


[livejournal.com profile] alison_swift asked for sleeping Rhonda/Harold. Harold's line of vision is slightly askew, so if I fix it up, I'll def have to change that. <3333


[livejournal.com profile] poisonivory asked for a slew of snuggling pics. I enjoy drawing snuggly things.

Helga and Phoebe on a cold night. Chilling on the couch and reading books together in the dark. <33


More snuggles. Older version of Arnold and Helga being cozy together.


I watched Batman Returns last night, because I hadn't watched it in FOREVER and YOU GUYS. ~*~Batman/Catwoman~*~!!!!!!

I can't draw Bats for the life of me, but me and Catwoman have been good buds since I was like... five. Seriously, I have this super old memory of going to my second cousin's house and playing with this mega-awesome Batman playset and I totally conned him into letting me borrow the Catwoman figure for awhile, because I LOVED HER SO MUCH. I kept her in this little basket on my night stand and was SO SAD when I had to give her back.




Cats <3 Bats.


My Selina Kyle unmasked version is totes based on Eiko-Chan's Selina Kyle Design. I love her designs of everyone except Bruce. Her Bruce isn't bad, just kind of bland in comparison to a lot of the others. Also, because I don't think she draws him dreamy enough. Because, y'know, Bats is a total dreamboat.

I also only sort of like her design for Cats' costume. I know she's a femme fatale and all that, but I think she gives her way too much boobage. Her Harley designs are SUPER RAD though and she makes Tim so CUTE!

a/n: Imma try and do more of the HA! things you all requested. Like I said, it's unlikely that I'll do them all, but there's a few on the list that sound like excellent plans.

I wish I could draw boys better. I'm getting more and more out of practice. There was awhile where I was beginning to feel more comfortable drawing them (when I drew SHWC stuff all the time), but now I've sort of fallen back into almost always drawing girls.

ETA: Almost forgot that I totally wanted to pimp a fic! Beg the Universe by [livejournal.com profile] cecilegrey!!! It's spooky and perfect for Halloween. Also, there's a few mega-awesome twists in it that made me go: "FUCK YES." So like... read it!
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