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Fandom/Universe: iCarly, Hey Arnold!, Toy Story 3
Character(s): Sam, Carly, Freddie, Gibby, Courtney (OC), Lavinia (OC), Jessie, Buzz, Woody
WARNING: There are Toy Story 3 spoilers in this post!

And I'll take you to the side of the road and we'll both trade blows. Mama, now its safe to come home - come home! )

a/n: I was gonna hold off on these, but now [livejournal.com profile] alison_swift can see them tomorrow and be happy! I know she was looking forward to seeing how the last one turned out (EXCELLENT).
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Title: Time to Think
Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Freddie, Carly
Rating: K+

Freddie/Carly - SMOOTHIES )

Title: Mirrors
Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Carly, Gibby
Rating: Teen
Warnings/Triggers: There are set up parallels to sexual assault, but it doesn't actually happen at all. Carly gets understandably freaked out when she's all alone in a house of mirrors and hears footsteps approach.

Gibby/Carly(/???) )

Title: Found
Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Sam, Otto, Freddie, Carly
Rating: K+

Sam/Freddie - CUPCAKES )

Title: Shades of Love
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Wolfgang, Helga
Rating: Teen

Wolfgang/Helga - SUNGLASSES )

a/n: I was going to try and crank out another, but I am TIRED. And I'm also out of iCarly prompts and I think I was really feeling those ones tonight. My least favorite is actually the Sam/Freddie one, because it was long and random and also there wasn't a lot of Sam/Freddie at all.

BTW, all the iCarly ones take place in my Lost!Spencer futureverse. Basically the gang has grown apart, but have to reunite to save Spencer who has been kidnapped or something. I will never write this story, but I like playing inside the universe!

And my Helga/Wolfgang one is from my dark!verse that will also never be written, but that I enjoy thinking about from time to time.
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly, Kingdom Hearts, Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, Socko, Gibby, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Arnold, Helga

WARNINGS: Sexual Themes, (scary) BOOBS

With no reprise, the sun will rise. The long day is over. )

a/n: Might not be around much between now and Sunday night. I've got to pack and do family junk and lots of other little things for Sunday morning (going back to college). HOWEVER, I wanted to thank everyone for voting on our iCarly comm's name. It was much appreciated and it seems like the winner ended up being [livejournal.com profile] theshayloft, which I actually really loooove, because IT'S SO WARM. You can check out what we've done so far (just layout stuff really).

We're planning the grand opening for Monday. I also have some ideas for a fun way to get our comm off the ground and unite some iCarly fans for iSYL.

Also, I have to run this by [livejournal.com profile] obsessive0514 still, but I was thinking about maybe asking around for another mod. I'd REALLY love if we could get a Creddie shipper mod to balance us out. Not that shipping preference REALLY matters when it comes to mods, but I know some Creddie fans feel intimidated or unhappy by all the Seddie preference. Which, I mean, I can't really HELP if the comm ends up being more Sam/Freddie inclined, since it's undoubtedly the largest ship in the fandom. IDK. Just thinking out loud here.


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