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Fandom/Universe: Downfall, Shanghai Noon, RPG World, iCarly, Hey Arnold!, Community, Homestar Runner, Fullmetal Alchemist, Toy Story 3, Ternion, Scooby-Doo, Codename: Kids Next Door,
Character(s): Lenne, Crow, Rebecca, Lari, Adrienne, Kesse, Kaon, Luca, Pax, Ava, Roy O'Bannon, Cherry, Hero, Diane, Carly, Freddie, Sam, Spencer, Helga, Arnold, Rhonda, Harold, Sid, Stinky, Brainy, Lila, Curly, Eugene, Nadine, Lavinia (OC), Courtney (OC), Jeff, Britta, Homestar, Strongbad, May, Alphonse, Lan Fan, Greedling, Bo Peep, Woody, Nor, Jeanette, Velma, Daphne, Val (OC), Remy (OC)


a/n: SO MUCH ART. And this is mostly just old, backdated stuff that I'd forgotten to post at some point. I just finished scanning in about 70+ more pages of stuff from my sketchbooks. It'll take a little while longer for me to get those up though. First I gotta crop/rotate/resize it all. D:
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly, Hey Arnold!, Toy Story 3
Character(s): Sam, Carly, Freddie, Gibby, Courtney (OC), Lavinia (OC), Jessie, Buzz, Woody
WARNING: There are Toy Story 3 spoilers in this post!

And I'll take you to the side of the road and we'll both trade blows. Mama, now its safe to come home - come home! )

a/n: I was gonna hold off on these, but now [livejournal.com profile] alison_swift can see them tomorrow and be happy! I know she was looking forward to seeing how the last one turned out (EXCELLENT).
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Title: Time to Think
Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Freddie, Carly
Rating: K+

Freddie/Carly - SMOOTHIES )

Title: Mirrors
Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Carly, Gibby
Rating: Teen
Warnings/Triggers: There are set up parallels to sexual assault, but it doesn't actually happen at all. Carly gets understandably freaked out when she's all alone in a house of mirrors and hears footsteps approach.

Gibby/Carly(/???) )

Title: Found
Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Sam, Otto, Freddie, Carly
Rating: K+

Sam/Freddie - CUPCAKES )

Title: Shades of Love
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Wolfgang, Helga
Rating: Teen

Wolfgang/Helga - SUNGLASSES )

a/n: I was going to try and crank out another, but I am TIRED. And I'm also out of iCarly prompts and I think I was really feeling those ones tonight. My least favorite is actually the Sam/Freddie one, because it was long and random and also there wasn't a lot of Sam/Freddie at all.

BTW, all the iCarly ones take place in my Lost!Spencer futureverse. Basically the gang has grown apart, but have to reunite to save Spencer who has been kidnapped or something. I will never write this story, but I like playing inside the universe!

And my Helga/Wolfgang one is from my dark!verse that will also never be written, but that I enjoy thinking about from time to time.
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Carly, Sam, Freddie

Some girls don't care about chicken, but those girls ain't me. )

a/n: For [livejournal.com profile] 5_4_3_2's Yeehaw Challenge thing. WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE ENTERING THUS FAR? YOU GUYS. PICK UP THE SLACK GODDAMIT.

I have been working on this all day. I need to back away from the computer now. O___O
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly, Kingdom Hearts, Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, Socko, Gibby, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Arnold, Helga

WARNINGS: Sexual Themes, (scary) BOOBS

With no reprise, the sun will rise. The long day is over. )

a/n: Might not be around much between now and Sunday night. I've got to pack and do family junk and lots of other little things for Sunday morning (going back to college). HOWEVER, I wanted to thank everyone for voting on our iCarly comm's name. It was much appreciated and it seems like the winner ended up being [livejournal.com profile] theshayloft, which I actually really loooove, because IT'S SO WARM. You can check out what we've done so far (just layout stuff really).

We're planning the grand opening for Monday. I also have some ideas for a fun way to get our comm off the ground and unite some iCarly fans for iSYL.

Also, I have to run this by [livejournal.com profile] obsessive0514 still, but I was thinking about maybe asking around for another mod. I'd REALLY love if we could get a Creddie shipper mod to balance us out. Not that shipping preference REALLY matters when it comes to mods, but I know some Creddie fans feel intimidated or unhappy by all the Seddie preference. Which, I mean, I can't really HELP if the comm ends up being more Sam/Freddie inclined, since it's undoubtedly the largest ship in the fandom. IDK. Just thinking out loud here.
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Sam, Freddie, Spencer, Socko, Carly, Gibby

Her bag is now much heavier. I wish that I could carry her, but this is our ungodly hour. )

a/n: Some of you may have seen some of these before. I'm just gathering 'em all up into one post.

So I failed at that 12 days thing because I realized that, OH HEY, I don't have a scanner here. OOPS. So uh, instead of the 12 days of Christmas it might end up being the 12 Days of Mid-January. XD
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly, Hey Arnold! (just one!)
Character(s): Spencer, Socko, Freddie, Sam, Carly, Melanie, Gibby, Sam's Mom, A smidge of Helga at the very end

Go on and cry in your coffee, but don't come bitchin' to me. )

a/n: Had the iScribble for iCarly party last night and it was A BLAST. Great group of people chatting it up. Precious little drama and just SO MUCH LOVE for the show and the characters and loooooove.

I am definitely up for another night like this sometime. I'm thinking about extending the invitation and posting about it in [livejournal.com profile] 5_4_3_2, but I'm not quite sure. The chat gets kind of confusing when there's a lot of people in it, but I also feel like others would enjoy chatting/drawing/watching so... maybe? WHO KNOWS.

To everyone who showed up, THANK YOU! OMG you guys were really fun to chat/draw with and I appreciate you all taking time to hang out with me and everyone else. :3

Also, to anyone who would like to grab all of these pics or whatever, I put them all in a single gallery here!
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Fandom/Universe: Codename: Kids Next Door, Ternion, Hey Arnold!, iCarly
Character(s): Nella, Kara, Val, Remy, Nor, Calvin, Phoebe, Helga, Arnold, Sam, Freddie, Socko, Carly

Oh can you see me? I am one in a million. Yeah, I'm Icarus falling out of the sun. )

a/n: Anybody on my flist interested in maybe commissioning me over winter break? I finally set up my paypal account. I'm not going to do anything crazy for the commissions, just full-body character drawings in my style on a white background. Prices are going to range between $8-$15 dollars depending on what you want. I'll post up the info soon. If it doesn't really go anywhere here, I'll post to DA, but I love you guys most so I figured I'd let y'all have the first chance at 'em.
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Carly, Sam, Freddie

And if you feel my love just let it show. And if you want my heart just let me know. )

a/n: Sorry I haven't really gotten to some of the iCarly prompts you guys gave me. I do want to, I just keep getting sidetracked by my own junk.

I'm at 1900 words in iCave and only about halfway through. I just want it to write itself!

Also keep giving me REQUESTS FOR THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! I want a large pool of ideas so that I have lots to choose from. If you're confused about what fandoms I'm interested in you can always check out my profile!
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Carly, Sam, Freddie

I just wrestle with you in my dreams and wake up making love to a pillow. And I fall asleep and dream of alternate realities. )

a/n: Here's my entry for [livejournal.com profile] 5_4_3_2's Fairytale Fanart Challenge! OMG you guys this was HORRIFICALLY FUN to do. I'm not even sure how this idea came to be - it just sort of spilled out.

Also, LJ scrapbook is currently being a little slow and unfortunate so if you can't see it or it won't load or WHATEVER just let me know and I'll swap it until my scrapbook pics are completely stable again.
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Carly, Sam, Freddie, Gibby

We're going down, and you know that we're doomed. My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room. )

a/n: I actually finished up my Fairytale Fanart Picture for [livejournal.com profile] 5_4_3_2 already, but I'm going to wait for a little bit to post it. I kind of want to see what other people do before I post an entry? IDK. I'm weird.

Ugh, break is over and I am back in classes and it sucks ass. I JUST WANT IT TO BE CHRISTMAS OKAY? I have been listening to X-mas music almost non-stop since yesterday.
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Carly, Sam, Freddie

And why do you sing Hallelujah if it means nothing to you? )

a/n: OMG. It looks like [livejournal.com profile] 5_4_3_2's next challenge is going to be "Fairytale Fanart" and I AM SO EXCITED. Just today I was like: "SAM SHOULD BE RAPUNZEL. THE END."

Anyway, going home tomorrow so if you don't hear much from me in the next week or so, that's why. To the people in my flist living stateside, have an awesome Thanksgiving! For everyone else, ROCK ON!

Oh and if you want, you can still hit me up with iCarly prompts. Hmmmm. Let's say, gimme a ship/character - your best bet is to keep it within the main trio and I WILL take Carly/Freddie prompts, but I'm not making any promises about actually finishing them - and a... verb/emotion? NOTHING DIRTY OMG THEY ARE CHILDREN. Also, if you have a specific prompt in mind and want to forgo the Character/Ship + Verb/Emotion thing and just ask for something straight up, feel free to do that too. I'll take just about anything. As always, no promises about finishing all/any of them, but I'm still in a pretty fierce iCarly mood so HOPEFULLY!
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Carly, Freddie, Sam

Hello Seattle. )

a/n: Haven't really had much time to dig into some of the recent prompts I got. My goal ATM is to work on the next chapter of Trying and get it out before I have to go home for Thanksgiving Break. Oh and BTW I won't be around much from next Tuesday-Monday. I'll be home and with limited internet access.

ETA: Okay, so you guys need to keep reminding me that I AM TOO OLD to go submitting pics I've drawn to iCarly.com. BECAUSE I AM WAY TOO TEMPTED YOU HAVE NO IDEA.
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Sam, Freddie, Carly

I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you... )

a/n: Give me more prompts! I'm on a roll and I'd like to keep it going as long as I can. I'm most likely to draw Sam/Freddie stuff, trio-ness or maybe a little Carly/Sam. Carly/Freddie doesn't really do anything for me and I have little interest in trying to draw the other characters. Spencer's awesome, but the idea of trying to draw Jerry Trainor is just... He's too much! I can kind of simplify the kids, but Jerry Trainor's essence is too BIG and over the top for me to handle.
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Carly, Sam, Freddie

I'm your biggest fan. I'll follow you until you love me. )

a/n: I am calling it quits for tonight, but here's the iCarly stuff I have doodled so far. I'll do more tomorrow probably. :3

You can still request more, but - as always - there's no guarantee that I'll get to yours.
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Fandom/Universe: Shanghai Noon/Knights, Hey Arnold!, DC Comics, Underverse, Shenanigans!, iCarly
Character(s): Roy O'Bannon, Helga, Arnold, Lila, Rhonda, Harold, Gerald, Phoebe, Kara, Hector, Soda, Favorite Whale, Me, Reese, Miles, Pear, Negas, Posie, Rhiannon, Ralph2, Sam, Freddie

I got to you, there was nothing left. )

a/n: The amount of tags I end up using in dumps like this is kind of ridiculous. However, if I don't add them I get all fidgety and uncomfortable.

Favorite Whale is coming to visit me until Tuesday, so I don't imagine I will be around much in the next few days. :D
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Fandom/Universe: iCarly
Character(s): Sam, Freddie

Why would I sabotage the best thing that I have? Well, it makes it easier to know exactly what I want with my hands open and my eyes open. I just keep hoping that your heart opens. )

a/n: OMG, you guys, I am seriously THIRTEEN. Or younger. Or at least that's how I act. WHATEVER.

I saw iKiss previewed around Thursday? And immediately I started bouncing around and going: "OMG SAM/FREDDIE KISS? COULD IT BE?" and my little sister was like: "Hmmm, I see... you might be on to something." and my little brother was like: "THEY HATE EACH OTHER YOU ARE WEIRD." And then we vowed to watch it tonight and OMG SAM AND FREDDIE KISS!

I'm a fan of the show, but not like... a huge fan? I like it in passing, but I've got such an affection for SamxFreddie and that episode MADE MY NIGHT. Possibly my week. It was so cute! :3333

So um, another SamxFreddie kiss. This time Sam's the one really going for it and Freddie's a little shocked.


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