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Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!, Homestuck, Shenanigans!, Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character(s): Phil (OC), Amy (OC), Helga, Arnold, Phoebe, Gerald, Rhonda, Harold, Courtney (OC), Lila, Stinky, Sid, Jade, John, Feferi, Vriska, Karkat, Rose, Lady, Toph

WARNINGS: One suggestive picture with implied nudity.

Basically, I wish that you loved me. I wish that you needed me. I wish that you knew when I said two sugars actually, I meant three. )

a/n: Dumping iScribble art. All the art I've been doing is starting to build up. Figured it'd be a good time to get some of it posted. If you watch my art tumblr, you've probably already seen some of these, but a lot of it is new.
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Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!, Clue, Ternion, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character(s): Helga, Rhonda, Harold, Lila, Arnold, Gerald, Scarlet, Nor, Taran, Calvin, Jeanette, Toph

WARNINGS: Drug Use, Lulzy Sexual Innuendo

I'm trying not to wonder where you are. )

a/n: So I only listed the fandoms/characters that I drew for, but this post actually contains a lot of other characters/fandoms drawn by people who aren't me! So...

I'm enjoying doing weekly iScribbles again. I think I'm gonna keep trying to host them every Sunday. At least for a while. Depending on how tough the semester gets that will be subject to change, but... for now. iScribble Sunday Nights! :D
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Fandom/Universe: Avatar: the Last Airbender, Hey Arnold!, Community, Toy Story, Ternion
Character(s): Katara, Harold, Rhonda, Sid, Stinky, Helga, Brainy, Phoebe, Arnold, Gerald, Britta, Bo Peep, Jessie, Buzz, Woody, Nor, Taran, Calvin, Jeanette

Where there is desire there is gonna be a flame. Where there is a flame someone's bound to get burned. )

a/n: Hmmm. I should be home for the rest of the night so I think I'll probably hang out in iScribble later. Maybe around 7-ish? Sounds good. I still have to get through 4 episodes in Season 3 of Mad Men BEFORE TOMORROW ENDS. D:

Also, sorry about the ragey post yesterday! I was just so very irritated with being the go between for ride planning when I wasn't even driving at all. It's like... I figured out my ride, why do I have to do it for other people too? :\
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Title: Soft Revolution
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold! - DARKVERSE
Character(s): Gerald, Arnold, Helga
Rating: Teen

We are here to save your life. )


Okay so this is my response to rereading the original beginning of what would have been the Darkverse storyline (called Dancing in the Middle of Time) which is pretty much an awful beginning and I hate it forever and always.

But I kind of really loved Gerald trying to jog Arnold's memory so I was like: I WANT TO REWRITE IT. ONLY I'M GOING TO MAKE IT 110% GAYER!

No, I'm serious. I wanted to rewrite a scene except add in more gay. Which I think I accomplished! So. Points for me! But then once Helga showed up I was like: "Hmmm threesome?" and then the story ended without anything actually happening.

ANYWAY, if you're interested in the Darkverse than I hope you enjoy this because it's probably actually canon because sometimes I like writing fluffy things between characters who aren't romantically involved or whatever.
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Title: Trying
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold, Phoebe, Gerald
Rating: Teen
Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

In which there are some serious discussions... )

a/n: 5106 words! This is MOST DEFINITELY the longest chapter I have put out.

Okay, so I have been planning for Helga-Gerald and Arnold-Phoebe talks for like EVER. IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME for the BFFs to be like: "You guys this is a terribly unhealthy plan and you are being unfair to one another." Because... they ARE. I hope that the story is illustrating this idea that Helga/Arnold at this point is a VERY BAD idea on account of Helga basing her whole existence around him and Arnold being so focused on his parents that he neglects everything and everyone else around him to a point?

I had ALSO long ago planned that sleazy Wolfgang scene wherein HE BETRAYS THEM, because even though sometimes Wolfgang can be not-an-asshole and offer up a ride or whatever, he is still very much looking out for number one. And like REWARDS, MAN. He could use some extra coinage!

Oh man, that last scene. I LOVE the visual I get from it. Helga is so smug and aware. I also was INCHES away from ending the scene with: "Get in the car loser, we're going shopping." But I restrained myself for YOU, dear audience.
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Title: Trying
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold, Phoebe, Gerald
Rating: Teen
Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

In which best friends reunite and it is awesome... )

a/n: Was planning on this being a little longer, but I'm kind of debating about how long they're going to stick around Gerald/Phoebe's. I was originally going to have them stay this night and then leave sometime the next day, but now I'm wondering if maybe I should rush the timeline more? But I also think Arnold deserves a good night's sleep. A-and if I change up the timeline than other things will go awry that are counting on certain events happening on certain days. :\

Okay, so Phoebe's tangent about Hot Air was an OH SO OBVIOUS reference to Pyrus Japonica's Hot Air. Also, I promise to explain the 'Helga is kidnapped' thing better next chapter. I know I sort of glossed over the logic for it in this chapter. Hopefully when they sit down to explain shit to Gerald they will also explain things to you, dear readers.

ETA: Also, I am sorry that things have gotten much less action-y as of late. This is because I am SETTING SHIT UP. Also, because I am not good at being mean to my leads.
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Fandom/Universe: Shanghai Noon/Knights, Hey Arnold!, DC Comics, Underverse, Shenanigans!, iCarly
Character(s): Roy O'Bannon, Helga, Arnold, Lila, Rhonda, Harold, Gerald, Phoebe, Kara, Hector, Soda, Favorite Whale, Me, Reese, Miles, Pear, Negas, Posie, Rhiannon, Ralph2, Sam, Freddie

I got to you, there was nothing left. )

a/n: The amount of tags I end up using in dumps like this is kind of ridiculous. However, if I don't add them I get all fidgety and uncomfortable.

Favorite Whale is coming to visit me until Tuesday, so I don't imagine I will be around much in the next few days. :D
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Fandom/Universe: SHWC, Hey Arnold!, Final Fantasy 7, Fireside Tales, The Sims, Kingdom Hearts
Character(s): Ophelia, Helga, Arnold, Gerald, Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie, Ellie, Bella, Dina

No, this isn't me, too young to be worn down, dried up. )

a/n: Not that much to say. I just picked up Yuffie in FF7 in the Junon Area and I should probably actually head to Junon soon. I'm also rereading RPG World in tandem with playing FF7. Sometimes I get to wondering which cast of characters I actually prefer.

It's too bad RPG World died before it could end at least somewhat properly. It was a damn fun comic.
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Title: The Jungle Movie First Attempt (Part 2)
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold, Gerald
Rating: K+

Notes: Continuing from where we left off....

Part Two. Things come together and choices are made. )

notes: I'm leaving my own responses in comments on each part. You can see what I think of my terrible writing!
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Fandom: Hey Arnold!, SHWC, Gifty-thing for [livejournal.com profile] poisonivory
Character(s): Helga, Arnold, Gerald, Lila, Johnny, Ripp, Ophelia, Aelora, Ivory, Ash

I tried to hold your hand, but you'd rather hold your grudge... )

a/n: I am going away for the weekend! I'm super excited! I also started working this week (at a grocery store booooo) and it is not very fun and also makes me realize yet again how badly I miss KB Toys. ;_;

Oh and my sister took off all next Tuesday just so she can sit at home and play the Sims 3. She is crazy. For her sake, I hope it doesn't suck. Although, I imagine she'll enjoy it because she probably doesn't have the same expectations that the Simming community does. I'm gonna ask her if I can borrow it at some point to see if TS3 even WORKS on my mac. Yes, I know I could look this shit up, but I figure the best way is to just see for myself since it'll be in the house anyway.

Also! I kind of hope TS3 does work on my computer, because I've basically fallen in love with ickle Mortimer Goth. His BOOTS you guys! HIS BOOOOOOOOOOOTS!

Also also, according to Simgaroop's old post with the Wiki links Kaylynn is in a love triangle with Mortimer, Bella and herself? YES PLEASE. And by that, I mean... OT3? Maybe? OH MAN WHATEVER.

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Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!, Ternion
Character(s): Wolfgang, Ludwig, Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Phoebe, Harold, Rhonda, Curly, Eugene, Nor, Calvin, Taran

You know the lies they always told you and the love you never knew... )

a/n: Also! I kind of want to do like a practice comic to see if I'll really be able to help out with the Hey Arnold!: Sixth Season Project. Basically this is a call for anyone who would be up to writing some sort of Hey Arnold! drabble/small dialogue to post it in a comment below and it might end up in comic format so that's kind of neat. No one has to, of course, but if you think it'd be neat to see something you wrote maybe become a comic then go ahead and write away.
Title: Linger
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Gerald, Helga
Rating: K+

Gerald/Helga )

Title: Rush
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Arnold, Helga
Rating: K+

Arnold/Helga )

Title: The Reason
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Curly, Eugene
Rating: K+

Eugene/Curly )

a/n: Fun! Also, I don't write drabbles. It is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for me to write drabbles. Or something. That Curly/Eugene one? 800+ words more than a drabble should be! :(

Also, OMG NEW ICONS/MOOD THEME. I love them all so much. My mood theme is ANIMATED SOUL EATER MOODS FUCK YEAH. Seriously, fucking awesome show/manga (I've read through all the manga, but have so far only seen the first episode of the anime, but SO PRETTY OMG). Death the Kid is totally my favorite and it's so obvious that he would be, because he is obsessed with SYMMETRY and IS A BADASS and HAS MAN RINGS XLKJLFKJDSLKFJSDLFKSJFLSDFJL. The mood set does not have enough Tsubaki though. I love her. SO MUCH.

Uh, anyway. You can still request drabbles and do all the other meme things if'n you want. They're in the last post. Oh, but don't request Soul Eater drabbles yet because I would fail so bad at them. I would.
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Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold, Harold, Rhonda, Curly, Eugene, Sheena, Patty, Phoebe, Gerald

Whenever I'm alone with you, you make me feel like I am home again... )

a/n: Dear Flist: I LOVE YOU. Seriously, you guys are the bestest ever. I loved all the cheerful, wonderful things that you showed me and I'm feeling a lot better. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333
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Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold, Gerald, Phoebe, Lila

Send me postcards from L.A. signed with love forevermore; picture postcards from L.A. to hang on my refrigerator door. Rachel, if you find me one, I'd love a picture of the California sun... )

a/n: I'm actually done with Chapter Seven of Trying. Y'see I do this crazy thing where I don't write for like ever and then one day I sit down and spout out OVER 5000 WORDS in the course of two days. *cries*

Seriously, I have like no sense of pacing.

I probably won't post the next Chapter for another day or so to make it feel like I have a nifty little buffer. I also don't think I'll be writing too much for a little bit. Break time again!
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Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Gerald, Arnold, Phoebe, Rhonda, Harold, Sid, Eugene, Curly

Can we bring yesterday back around? 'Cause I know how I feel about you now. )

a/n: My artist notes keep getting shorter. Now that I've been commenting below the actual pictures. Ummm, uhhhhhhh. Hm. I really ought to go work on the next chapter of Trying, huh?
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Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Sid, Gerald, Stinky, Arnold

Anyway, some art and junk under here! )

a/n: Hey everyone, I go on break tomorrow so my internet access will be limited for about a week. We have it at home, but I'll probably be busy with other things (i hope so at least - though neither of my BFFs are off...). But there definitely won't be fic/art for a week (i think, lol). Haha, it really doesn't sound like I'm going to gone that much, huh? Well, if I seem to be scarce next week that's why. But if it seems like business as usual, then okay too.

I'm also totally planning to eventually do a post explaining what we know about La Corazon/the Journal/La Sombra in order to help people who haven't seen The Journal understand things a little better.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] poisonivory hooked me up with Look Up and the Haunted Train mp3s recently and they are AWESOME. Look Up is so much fun. And now you can listen too!

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Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold, Gerald

Invisible Hippo )

a/n: Inked this up quick. It's gonna be used for my printmaking final. It took forever for me to decide which group of three I wanted to use. At first I was gonna do the three Ternion girls as pinups and then just the main three Ternion characters, but I decide to go with the leads of Hey Arnold! Sort of in Craig's style, but still not completely.

Also, let me know if these music thingies work okay or are completely pointless. They sort of suck for me, but my internet is also really weak here so I can't really judge.

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Title: Selfish
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold, Phoebe, Gerald
Rating: Teen

I got my eyes wide, it's not over yet. We are miracles and we're not alone. )


It's a little over 2,500 words. Can you believe I used to be able to crank out things that were near 5,000 words before? D: D: D:
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Title: ?? (The Jungle Movie?)
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold
Character(s): Arnold, Gerald, Helga, +everyone else
Rating: K+

Summary: After FTI and after the Journal. Arnold's full of confusion and want when he wins the chance to go to San Lorenzo (the place where his parents might be) along with his class. Ya just know that it's gonna be one crazy adventure.

TJM? )

a/n:If anyone wants to read my REAL LJ it is here:

[livejournal.com profile] squirrel_tamer


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