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Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!, Ternion, Fireside Tales, Scooby-Doo, Shenanigans!, Homestuck, Clue, Codename: Kids Next Door, SHWC, Kingdom Hearts
Character(s): Helga, Arnold, Lila, Curly, Eugene, Harold, Rhonda, Sheena, Courtney (OC), Bark (OC), Taran, Nor, Calvin, Jeanette, Mina, Aria, Twilight, Ellie, Tass, Duncan, Daphne, Lady, Pear, John, Vriska, Karkat, Jade, Nepeta, Dave, White, Scarlet, Kuki, Wally, Ophelia, Ripp, Yuffie

One night to be confused. One night to speed up truth. )

a/n: ART DUMP TIME! I really need to start scanning stuff AS I draw it instead of waiting and then doing it all at one time. Oh well. Uh, this is pretty image heavy. Like 45+ drawings. I sort of feel like I should poll my journal and see if people like these bigger dumps, but ehhhhh. I like 'em. It's a nice way to collect stuff that I've done.

Hmmmm... I can't think of anything else to add. :)
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Fandom/Universe: Ternion, Kingdom Hearts, Downfall, Ragamuffins, Shenanigans!, Fireside Tales, Disney, Hey Arnold!, Clue, WoW, Sonic the Hedgehog, HSR
Character(s): Nor, Calvin, Lief, Jeanette, Mina, Aria, Kody, Twilight, Taran, Yuffie, Kairi, Sora, Riku, Lenne, Crow, Rebecca, Kaon, Neva, Fox, Gil, LeSkuh, Breen, Favorite Whale, Bear, Pear, Reese, Negas, Anna, Miles, Lee, Tai, Tass, Ellie, Duncan, Minnie Mouse, Helga, Hugo, Alice, Arnold, Scarlet, Fuzzyslipper/Maggot, Sally, Homestar, Strongbad

Her bag is now much heavier. I wish that I could carry her, but this is our ungodly hour. )

a/n: Well, this is the last of my pencil sketches. I have some iScribble/photoshop stuff to share, but it might have to wait a week or so.

Love you guys.
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Fandom/Universe: DC Comics, Kids Next Door, Ragamuffins, Final Fantasy VII/VII, Disney, Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Kara, Bart, Wally, Abby, Cloud, Squall, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Eugene, Curly, Arnold, Yuffie, Tifa, Helga, Gosalyn, Huey, Nadine

As I took him in my arms he screamed I'm not insane - I'm just looking for someone to understand my pain... )

a/n: So I just realized that... I really don't have like... ANYTHING to say. Wow.

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Fandom/Universe: Pokemon, Final Fantasy VII, DC Comics
Character(s): Duplica, Bruno, Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie, Bart, Kara, Kon

Love and sex and loneliness. Take what's yours and leave the rest. So I'll survive - God, it's good to be alive. )

a/n: So today was pretty rad. I had a good day of classes and came home to chicken for dinner and watched an hour of Good Eats and made the connection that putting turkey on top of waffles is probably a PA Dutch thing and basically real life stuff is pretty cool right now. I'm kind of sort of homesick (but then again I always am) and apparently dealing with it by not calling home very much, which is not that good of an idea, because I really love my family and talking to them and stuff and so... yeah. I should do that.

Haha, sorry for that random tangent there. ANYWAY! Adding to my list of THINGS THAT ARE REALLY COOL about today is:

1) [livejournal.com profile] samatethecookie found HONEST TO GOD straight up Barret/Tifa fic in the form of a [livejournal.com profile] 1sentence entry that can be found here. It's a pretty good collection of sentences too - entries in that comm are basically hit or miss and these were pretty good, though the writer seems to be oddly focused on Barret's thoughts on Cosmo Canyon, which seemed incredibly random at times? IDK.

2) [livejournal.com profile] poisonivory wrote CURLY/EUGENE FIC that is awesome and SO THEM and YOU SHOULD JUST READ IT OKAY? My favorite part is all of it how Curly remembers Angel and Eugene thought that probably only Arnold would (because he's Arnold!) because it's sweet as hell and because Curly WOULD remember (it's such a seemingly useless thing to know - so OF COURSE Curly would remember it always). Also, someone needs to write me a story about how Eugene's first crush was Arnold, because I'm convinced that this is almost!canon.

3) I have started writing Trying again. I'm kind of floundering through this Wolfgang chapter, but at least I'm getting SOMEWHERE and not just sitting on the story like I have been for months.
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Fandom/Universe: SHWC, Hey Arnold!, Final Fantasy 7, Fireside Tales, The Sims, Kingdom Hearts
Character(s): Ophelia, Helga, Arnold, Gerald, Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie, Ellie, Bella, Dina

No, this isn't me, too young to be worn down, dried up. )

a/n: Not that much to say. I just picked up Yuffie in FF7 in the Junon Area and I should probably actually head to Junon soon. I'm also rereading RPG World in tandem with playing FF7. Sometimes I get to wondering which cast of characters I actually prefer.

It's too bad RPG World died before it could end at least somewhat properly. It was a damn fun comic.
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Fandom/Universe: Final Fantasy
Character(s): Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie, Squall

Hold on to whatever you find baby. I don't trust myself with loving you. )

a/n: I've been talking about FF7 with [livejournal.com profile] samatethecookie a damn lot recently, which is probably what inspired this. Plus, I finally ordered a damn memory card so that I can actually play AND SAVE a new game.

I'm making an attempt to sift through my journal and organize it. So if tags or entries look different soonish that's why. :)
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Fandom/Universe: SHWC, Downfall, Kingdom Hearts
Character(s): Ophelia, Ripp, Johnny, Lenne, Squall, Yuffie

Some pics and stuff! For fun! )

a/n: It's my birthday in THREE DAYS. HOLY SHIT WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!?!?! D:
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Fandom/Universe: Sonic the Hedgehog, Kingdom Hearts, Rugrats, Ed Edd 'n Eddy, Harry Potter, Naruto, Fairly Odd Parents, Monster's Inc.
Character(s): Sonic, Sally, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, Rotor, Kairi, Sora, Squall, Yuffie, Chuckie, Angelica, Double D, Eddy, Ron, Hermione, Harry, Sasuke, Kasumi (OC), Vicky, Wanda, Tootie, Trixie, Boo, Sully, Mike

Lotsa fandoms and lame doodles under here... )

a/n: So I've got a LOT of art that's just sitting in photobucket.

So today begins the first of many posts. This one will be all fanart so enjoy!
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Title: Of Yuffie-Birds and Flying
Fandom/Universe: Kingdom Hearts
Character(s): Squall, Yuffie
Rating: Teen

WARNINGS: Character Death, Dark Themes

...maybe in five or ten yours and mine will meet again...  )

a/n: This is definitely AU and takes place sometime during the first Kingdom Hearts game. This things been sitting in my folder for awhile and I finally managed to finish it. I am so proud.
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Fandom/Universe: Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ragamuffins
Character(s): Kairi, Axel, Sally, Ratchet (OC), Cash (OC), Meredith, Yuffie

Doodle Dump again. )

a/n: Today I bring you pictures!

They're all older stuff and pretty scrappy, but I figured you'd all be getting pretty damned sick of Naruto fanfic by this point so here's some NOT Naruto stuff.
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Title: With Dolls
Fandom/Universe: Kingdom Hearts
Character(s): Squall, Yuffie
Rating: K+

'Cause I can't make you love me...if you don't )
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Title: Slack
Fandom/Universe: Kingdom Hearts
Character(s): Squall, Yuffie
Rating: K+

Pick up the slack )

a/n: This place has been kind of dead lately, so i'm gonna try and add more fanstuff. Most of this will already be on FFN, but there might be some new stuff.
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Title: Kingdom Hearts Snippets (Part One)
Fandom/Universe: Kingdom Hearts
Character(s): Hayner, Roxas, Axel, Kairi, Sora, Riku, Squall, Yuffie, Pence, Olette, Fuu, Tifa, Cloud
Rating: G - Teen

Hayner/Roxas )

Hayner/Roxas/Axel )

Axel/Roxas )

Kairi/Sora/Riku )

Squall/Yuffie )

Pence )

Sora/Olette )

Fuu )

Sora )

Tifa )

a/n: So. Much. Stuff.

Luckily each blurb is like...two sentences. All Kingdom Hearts baby. There may be a few scattered spoilers soo...read at your own risk.

Stories arranged by couple/character.
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Fandom/Universe: Kingdom Hearts
Character(s): Squall/Leon, Yuffie

Squall/Yuffie Comic )

a/n: Okay so my grandfather was wrong...he doesn't have photoshop *le sigh*

Anyway here's a (squffie) comic that one day (when i have photoshop) I will make pertier.

I love Squffie. Its soo cute and its my favorite KH pairing. <3


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