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WHO: leskuh AKA alyssa bo bissa AKA squirreltamer

WHAT: art | fic | icons | journals | picspams

WHERE: twitter | (ART)tumblr | DEVIANTart

WHEN: she was seven years old

WHY: because love is still the key

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I finally renamed my account! I've been slowly working on streamlining all of my sites as well as doing away with my Squirreltamer nickname. I talked about opening up a new account once my paid account runs out here, but I've put so much effort into fixing this place up perfect and now I renamed it so I doubt I'll be leaving this journal anytime soon.

Uh, you can still call me by whatever you feel most comfortable with. I think the majority of you call me Alyssa anyway. Skuh works. Or Squirreltamer, BH, whatever... I have a thousand names. XD

ETA: In case it's not 100% clear - this is beyondheroism__!!! :D :D :D
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So my journal now looks all shiny and new! New default icon (art is courtesy of the greatest person ever - [livejournal.com profile] homestar), new (heavily edited) layout, a revamped/perfected tag system, a revamped filter system and a brand new "Welcome!" post!

One thing to note is that I've now publicly posted my twitter account, but in doing so I went back and made all the entries private. This is mostly to keep IRL people from ever finding my twitter because it is shameful. If you have a twitter and would like to be twitter friends - just ask! I'm gonna go back through and add basically anyone who's added me, I think.

So I changed up my filter system. Basically there's four filters now - Original Fic, NaNoWriMo, Personal/Private and Smut. NaNoWriMo and P/P are locked. If you can see THIS then you're on the Original Fic filter already - if you aren't on the OF filter, and would like to be, feel free to comment on this post. If you can see THIS (warning: NSFW) then you're already on the Smut filter - if you'd like to be added to the Smut filter go HERE for more info.

Everything else is simply FO (for personal posts or art that get a little bit risque) or public.

Finally, a few days ago was Delurking Day. I missed the official day, but feel free to pop out and say hi anyway. And now let's end this post on a meme:

Comment and tell me what you honestly think about me. Ask me a question, no matter how personal. Tell me a secret, a confession, anything at all as long as it's anonymous. Anons are welcome, but if you feel confident in using your username go ahead and do so. Whatever is best for you!
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Anon commenting is turned off until further notice.

And comments are screened on this post if you wanna ask why. Not that I think it matters to that many of you since I don't really seem to have that many anon commenters anyway.

I am sorry to anybody who watches me, but doesn't have an LJ. You should still be able to see posts the same, you just won't be able to comment without getting an LJ. :(
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Well, I don't think very many people check up on this place all that often. Ah well, I still love it.

In any case I changed the layout and ended up upgrading to plus, because it's just stories and art here. My main journal will remain basic, because I really think the ads are pretty fug. But I'm enjoying having extra icons here. Very nice.

I've also posted some basic information up above. Just in case anyone was wondering about any of that stuff.

There might be some new stuff soon, though I feel a lot of it will be F-locked. Sorry, chaps.

Mmm. I'm really tired now.
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Sorry for the lack of updates, world. After two months of semi-consistant posting it seems I suddenly seem to be updating much more sporadically. Why?

Mostly because I'm out of fic. Or the fic I do have is old and original and would be friends locked anyway. Most of the stories I've been posting since the end of July were written somewhere between last September and May. So it was nothing new, just posting things I already had.

The past couple stories HAVE been new. I hope it shows a bit. The Ternion fic, the Jet story and the Angsty college tale were all finished within the past month.

Sadly, I've not been in the mood to write for awhile now. College seems to have zapped a lot of my inspiration. I'll probably try to finish up some things that have been sitting in folders half-finished for awhile now, but no promises.

In the meantime, until I find my writing muse, I'll try and post some art scraps at least once a week. They'll probably be older work, but hopefully you'll still find them interesting.
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I haven't got any art/stories for you today. I only wanted to mention that I changed the layout and added two new icons for the journal. Credit for the pictures/base goes to [livejournal.com profile] _pompom. Ain't she a doll?

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Okay I've decided that from now on all Original Stories and Art are gonna be friends only entries. So if you want to view any of my original stuff just leave me a message and I'll consider putting you on my friends' list.

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I'm now taking requests. I am prepared to do pretty much any fandom (there may be something that I don't know very well and will have to say no). Original stories are ... okay, but my limit is two for now. So the first to people to request originals get 'em. And as far as originals go...I'll work out those kinks with those people individually.


I'm sick of drawing everything for everyone. I'm NOT taking requests. I will however draw:

-Kelsey's request
-Annabelle's request
-Sarah's request

Because I promised them before this.

So no new art stuff for me (well..my own ideas, prolly but no requests). I will soon open up the whole deal of art trades. Because i'm sick of drawing out of the kindness of my heart.


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