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"I know it’s scary for you to put your feelings out there, because you never know if the person you like is gonna like you back, but you never know what might happen."

OKAY SO THIS IS A PARTY POST FOR ALL PRO-SEDDIE iOMG WATCHERS. This is not an a ship free-for-all. This is Sam/Freddie central. Normally I try to be neutral about shit, but tonight? TONIGHT IS SEDDIE TIME.

This is not meant as a disrespect towards any Cam/Creddie/Etc. shippers. You're free to chime in! However, chiming in means being Seddie-positive. This is a crit free zone. I don't care if you think Seddie is the worst thing in the entire goddamn world you still don't get to be a negative nancy in this post. If you can't handle that? Leave.

I'm making a note to say that this doesn't mean I want any anti-Creddie shenanigans. I'm not fond of ship bashing so please try to keep it nice-ish. However, you are 100% welcome to criticize any non-Sam/Freddie ship. Yes. This is biased. No, I don't give a shit. It's my journal, my space and I can be as biased as I want. Like I said, if you ship something besides Sam/Freddie you might want to bail now because this post IS NOT FOR YOU.
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Just because I ship Britta/Troy doesn't mean that I actually give a shit about Jeff/Annie.

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This might get long, so I figured I'd warn you guys right now. I also don't have my usual hand-dandy HTML document and Rich text and I are mortal enemies so I cannot produce a cut to spare your flists if this gets monstrous. HOW SAD FOR YOU.

I'm home and relaxing ATM. Thanksgiving was good, lotsa family and food. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get together with my girls and have some awesome times. Apparently my one BFF brought home some girl she is seeing - who I have never met and didn't actually know about so uhh, that ought to be interesting.

On Saturday I'm going out with a bunch of people for SUSHI and I am SO EXCITED OMG.

I mentioned the 'Fairytale Fanart' thing and my ~EXCITEMENT~ about it the other day, right? WELL, apparently it seems as though the finished picture might POSSIBLY, MAYBE end up being princess!Sam, knight!Carly and dragon!Freddie having makeouts? IDEK.

And I've been doing some concept stuff for it for funsies too. Lots of Sam in purty dresses swooning at knight!Carly. Also some seductive dragon!Freddie got mixed in there and I AM THE WORST/BEST.

I need a haircut like yesterday.

I have been having STERN WORDS with a fellow Sam/Freddie fan over at the creator's blog and on twitter as of late. It has been actually sort of fun, because I enjoy drama sometimes? And I like getting to tell people when they are being awful and WHY they are being awful. I have also been getting better acquainted with some Carly/Freddie fans and they seem to be pretty awesome people. I still do not ship Carly/Freddie and probably never will, but I like discussing the show from different shipping viewpoints.

Also, it makes me sad when a certain ship gets a giant following and then members of that giant following turn out to be annoying to the point where people start jumping ship just because they don't want to be associated with the rabid fanbase. This happened with Zutara and I! I was interested in it early on, but the fans killed my love. :\

Anyway, I'm going to miss iMove Out and I am REALLY sad about this. The end.


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