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So. I think me and True Blood are officially breaking up.

Spoilers for the S3 Finale. )
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People on my flist who:

A) Love to draw
B) Have tablets for their computers
C) Are enamored with iCarly
D) Interested in sitting back and chatting as other people draw because they do not really like to draw but enjoy watching art ~happen~ and also enjoy friendly chatter with people who also enjoy iCarly.



Is tomorrow good or would another day work better? GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS MATTER.

ps This is iScribble. Basically I would make a private iCarly drawing area and then you guys would give me usernames and I'll add you to the list of trusted users and from then on you could go into the iCarly board ALWAYS.

pps I am home and it is good.
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This might get long, so I figured I'd warn you guys right now. I also don't have my usual hand-dandy HTML document and Rich text and I are mortal enemies so I cannot produce a cut to spare your flists if this gets monstrous. HOW SAD FOR YOU.

I'm home and relaxing ATM. Thanksgiving was good, lotsa family and food. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get together with my girls and have some awesome times. Apparently my one BFF brought home some girl she is seeing - who I have never met and didn't actually know about so uhh, that ought to be interesting.

On Saturday I'm going out with a bunch of people for SUSHI and I am SO EXCITED OMG.

I mentioned the 'Fairytale Fanart' thing and my ~EXCITEMENT~ about it the other day, right? WELL, apparently it seems as though the finished picture might POSSIBLY, MAYBE end up being princess!Sam, knight!Carly and dragon!Freddie having makeouts? IDEK.

And I've been doing some concept stuff for it for funsies too. Lots of Sam in purty dresses swooning at knight!Carly. Also some seductive dragon!Freddie got mixed in there and I AM THE WORST/BEST.

I need a haircut like yesterday.

I have been having STERN WORDS with a fellow Sam/Freddie fan over at the creator's blog and on twitter as of late. It has been actually sort of fun, because I enjoy drama sometimes? And I like getting to tell people when they are being awful and WHY they are being awful. I have also been getting better acquainted with some Carly/Freddie fans and they seem to be pretty awesome people. I still do not ship Carly/Freddie and probably never will, but I like discussing the show from different shipping viewpoints.

Also, it makes me sad when a certain ship gets a giant following and then members of that giant following turn out to be annoying to the point where people start jumping ship just because they don't want to be associated with the rabid fanbase. This happened with Zutara and I! I was interested in it early on, but the fans killed my love. :\

Anyway, I'm going to miss iMove Out and I am REALLY sad about this. The end.
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Trigger Warning! - Some talk beneath the cut and in the comments might end up being potentially triggering.

Cut for talk of abuse and skeevy things on iCarly. )
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I'm putting this under a cut since it's my own journal and I feel sort of bad about spamming this ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE.

If you'd be interested in participating in a fandom-wide chat about Hey Arnold! click this cut for some details... )

I've posted this:

1) In a description for a picture at DA
2) In a journal at DA
3) The 6th Season Project Site
4) Arnold's Eyes Forum
5) The main HA! Livejournal comm

I think the last major place would be Arnold's Room, but I don't know if it's worth the effort or not. Does anyone really go there anymore?
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So I have FINALLY (seriously, this has taken years) downloaded all the episodes from Seasons 3-5 of Hey Arnold! off of Arnold's Eyes. It's taken this long because my attention span is really short and downloading stuff always makes me sort of itchy. Though, the second Nick gets their goddamn act together and releases official HA! DVDs I will delete all of these episodes. Honestly. There's not a single Season 1/2 ep on my computer, because I have the DVDs and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

I still want to download some of the side things on Arnold's Eyes while I still can, since Geocities' closing date is drawing near. I'm not really sure if it's going to vanish or if they have a different site or what. Hannah's pretty up on this shit though and is still fairly active in the community, so I get the feeling they have a plan.

BTW, the HA! comm has died down like... a lot in the last few months. This is absolutely heartbreaking. However, I don't think anyone's really gone. Just resting. I mean, it really is hard to keep up excitement when there's no new original material to go off of. But we still aren't a dead fandom!

I'm also thinking about announcing a chat night. They're fun to do and it's nice to try and get some of the old fandom out of hiding. I feel like such a baby in a lot of the bigger chats though. I'm generally one of the youngest that shows up.

ALSO! I almost forgot to mention this, but [livejournal.com profile] homestar made me this FANFUCKINGTASTIC Helga Sketch (it's the last one).
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So I just finished going through the Temple of the Ancients. Also, I think I'm horrifically overleveled, which is pretty rad, because I'm always like: "THIS BOSS WILL SURELY KILL ME OH WAIT HE'S DEAD ALREADY LOL."

The angels dressed for the wake, but she sent them home. She sent them home with a handful of bullet shells - with a handful of bullet shells. )
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So I'm alive! And back from the beach! And it was awesome and pretty gay (I went with my two BFFs and we're pretty touchy-feely with one another and also - boobs everywhere) and some dude got arrested on the front steps of our uber-classy motel*. We were at Ocean City, Maryland which is a place that I love dearly because it is CRAZY AND DANGEROUS. Also the food is the bomb there. I want a Dumsers' milkshake SO BAD right now. SO BAD.

I think I must be on some sort of unofficial hiatus or something though, because I so don't want to do anything on the internet. I love you guys, but jumping into fandom and e-stuff just sounds tiring or something. IDK. Then again, summer is usually the time when I am counter-productive for some reason so that's probably it.

Ummm, my Tauren Hunter on WoW is at level 43! Exciting, eh? I have to cancel my subscription soon though. Playing while at school = BAD IDEA.

Also, I was kind of thinking it'd be neat to make a small art community or something. Nothing too exciting, but a place where people can just post scraps of stuff to share or something. So if you'd be interested in something like that, let me know.

Seen this meme around recently. Looks fun. :3

Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.

* The motel was not classy at all.
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My weekend was super rad. I ended up spending three nights at a friend's house, hanging out and partying and I loved getting to see her, because I don't get to hang with her enough. We ended up marathoning True Blood during the course of those three days and now I am kind of hooked. However, I do not have HBO! Luckily, both of my BFFs do!

Although, I have to admit, I'm much less interested in the vampire side of True Blood then I am in the Louisiana, backwater town, part of it. Also, I love Jason so much more than I expected to. And Tara breaks my heart and I hate that she isn't around and strong and raging as much this season.

But I'm home now, which is kind of a bummer, but I'm headed to the beach in NINE FUCKING DAYS with the two BFFs and it's going to be the best thing ever OMG.

Also! I wanted to let you guys know that I updated the Harold/Rhonda Fanart Spam post. I'll keep doing that every so often as more art comes forth. Obviously, it's never going to be a heavily drawn fandom couple, but I love it very much and like having a collection of artsy things for them. I'd do Helga/Arnold, but there's so damn much that it'd be much easier to just send people off to DA to look for themselves.

I could probably make a Curly/Eugene spam though. There's a few C/E pics up now (mostly done by either [livejournal.com profile] poisonivory or myself).

True Blood Intro )
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] poisonivory:

If anyone would like to give me a fandom that you'd like me to share three of my unpopular (or "likely to piss off someone somewhere") opinions about, feel free to comment.

I like this meme because I get to be bitchy! Maybe!

Cut for WoW Speak. )
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1) So I bought myself a paid account! This is mostly exciting to only me, but OH MAN IS IT EXCITING! I also went and bought myself the extra icons as well, because I NEEDED them. ¬_¬



2) So I have been sitting on two Dreamwidth invite codes for like... months. I keep forgetting to mention them. I know the DW flail has sort of died down (I think?) and I'm pretty rooted in LJ (I just bought a paid account after all). But they are totes up for grabs. First come, first serve and all that. <3

3) New layout! I may or may not keep it. We'll see.

4) I just realized I didn't post to the HA_rewatch comm today. D:


Shit. I am too tired and incoherent to do that now. TOMORROW MORNING it shall be up. I SWEAR IT. D:

5) I am making an attempt to straighten up my LJ now that it's all paid for. This means I might delete some entries here and there. All the art/fic/icons/meta/meme junk will stay, but if there's a really awesome rambling post of me rambling that you LOVE BEYOND ALL REASON (lol whut?) and you wanna save it forever. Uhh... do that now I guess. :D

6) This thread of [livejournal.com profile] strange_tomato's post has reawakened my INTENSE AND UNDYING love of the Clue franchise! Also, the movie is pretty rad, but it is not my canon! BOOK CANON OR BUST. SCARLET/GREEN! SCARLET/EVERYONE!!!

(I am also pretty sure that my adoration of femme fatales who have jet black hair and wear lots of red, silky things comes from a childhood love of Miss Scarlet. She is hilarious! And catty! And super sexy! She's also vain and gets INSANELY jealous. I love her so!)
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So, I might have made an anonymous kink meme for the Sims....

I'll give you guys the link to the comm soon enough and ask you to PIMP IT OUT, but for now I just need input.

What should I allow as far as what kind of sims should be allowed? Because the problem is that you can make ANYONE with the sims and so you venture into RPF and even weirder than Sim celebrity RPF would be the inevitable Sim player RPF. I don't mind RPF even if it ain't my thing, but it seems like it could get REALLY wanky REALLY fast if we start bringing in internet personas and that sort of thing. And wank in a porn meme is upsetting.

So I'm thinking about saying no RPF Sims at all, but am worried about the backlash that might cause. But not REALLY worried. It's just like... I can see the inevitable wank storm it might bring, but I think it'd be good for the Sims comm to hear 'no' or even just "I am sad for you but thems the breaks."

I also thought about just limiting it to premades, but that's no fun! People definitely have ships from other's legacies or their own or even from somebody else's story and I think it'd be neat to have that option available.


Tell me what you think!
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Just one little thing:

When you throw away good food it gives you a bad moodlet and says that there are starving children in Strangetown! XD
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1) I kind of want to post this over at [livejournal.com profile] hey_arnold, but it's not my comm and I don't actually know anyone in charge so I'm not going to. But anyway, someone made a [livejournal.com profile] nick_girlslash community, which is pretty rad. I know that HA! actually has a decent femmeslash following - seriously, HA! fanfic is like almost all Helga/Arnold and what isn't is other pairings/femmeslash/bullshit. I also know that there's a fraction of people watching me who have written some HA! girlslash. So, yeah. I say join and post. There can never be too much F/F loving.

2) They're remaking Pokemon Gold and Silver. This is pretty sweet, just because I would like to own the games and a) not worry about the game file leaving forever (GOOOOOOLD!!! ;_;) and b) so I don't have to bother hanging onto my gameboy color if I wanna replay. Though I have sort of realized that I actually think Emerald was my favorite Pokemon game, though I couldn't really tell you why.

3) Only 3 (4 once Val picks what she'd like) sketches left for that meme! I'm so proud of myself, because I suck at doing things in a timely manner. I'm totally slacking today though, but WHATEVER because I am hanging out with my Favorite Whale soon.

4) Doing those sketches has made me realize some things:

a) I love Avatar, but I'm so done with it as a fandom
b) I should only draw characters I'm comfortable drawing in iScribble, otherwise they look like poop
c) I absolutely hate Rhonda/Curly. Haha, I feel bad, because I know there are people on my flist who actually enjoy it, but URGH NO. NO. I might even hate it more than Arnold/Phoebe and THAT'S A LOT OF HATE.

5) Oh man, going to see 17 Again tonight!

6) I should probably start drawing/writing for reals again soon. I've basically done nothing all week. Hahaha.



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