Jan. 18th, 2011

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So my journal now looks all shiny and new! New default icon (art is courtesy of the greatest person ever - [livejournal.com profile] homestar), new (heavily edited) layout, a revamped/perfected tag system, a revamped filter system and a brand new "Welcome!" post!

One thing to note is that I've now publicly posted my twitter account, but in doing so I went back and made all the entries private. This is mostly to keep IRL people from ever finding my twitter because it is shameful. If you have a twitter and would like to be twitter friends - just ask! I'm gonna go back through and add basically anyone who's added me, I think.

So I changed up my filter system. Basically there's four filters now - Original Fic, NaNoWriMo, Personal/Private and Smut. NaNoWriMo and P/P are locked. If you can see THIS then you're on the Original Fic filter already - if you aren't on the OF filter, and would like to be, feel free to comment on this post. If you can see THIS (warning: NSFW) then you're already on the Smut filter - if you'd like to be added to the Smut filter go HERE for more info.

Everything else is simply FO (for personal posts or art that get a little bit risque) or public.

Finally, a few days ago was Delurking Day. I missed the official day, but feel free to pop out and say hi anyway. And now let's end this post on a meme:

Comment and tell me what you honestly think about me. Ask me a question, no matter how personal. Tell me a secret, a confession, anything at all as long as it's anonymous. Anons are welcome, but if you feel confident in using your username go ahead and do so. Whatever is best for you!


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